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Welcome slots fans to Online Slots City; your guide to online casino slots. You may be asking yourself what you need a guide on slots for. Well, online casino slots are easy to play, but do you know which the best slot games to play are, and which are the best online casinos to play slots at, and what the different types of online casino slots there are? So this is what we at Online Slots City are going to guide you on.

Of all the online casino games that you can play on the internet at online casinos, online casino slots are by far the most popular games played. There are quite a few reasons for this. Firstly, they are very easy to play. You don’t need any game or betting strategy or need to have any skills to play online casino slots. Even a first time gambler can play slots without needing to learn anything. All you need to know is how to select the different paylines in multi-payline slots, and what the various features of video slots can do for you.

The second reason why online casino slots are so popular is that they are so much fun to play and they are filled with exciting moments. All slot games come in different themes so depending on your mood; you can play a slot game that suits your mood. For example, if you have recently found love and someone special, playing an online casino slot game that has a romantic theme will certainly fit your mood. Another example is that you might be a massive movie buff and recently watched a comic book hero Hollywood movie like The Hulk. Well some online casinos have licenses to provide slot games based on Hollywood movies, like The Hulk slot. So as you can see the themes play a major part in their popularity.

Another reason for their popularity is the frequent payouts and the jackpots that are won regularly. Did you know online casino slots payout more regularly than land-based slot machines? Did you know that online casino progressive jackpot slots have bigger jackpots than land-based casino progressive jackpot slot machines? Progressive jackpot slots are a major draw card in online casinos.

Online casino slots offer you many advantages when compared to playing them in land-based casinos, like those in Las Vegas and Macau. You can play online casino slots instantly without having to wait for someone else to finish playing. Online casinos are open 24/7 so you can play at any time of the day. As long as you have an internet connection, you can play online casino slots in any location. So online casino slots offer you convenience, which is something that no land-based casino can offer you. One other big advantage is that online casinos offer you special bonuses. This is free money added to your bankroll and online casino account. What land-based casino will give you money to play their slot machines? I can tell you not one. As long as you play for real money and meet certain wagering requirements, you get a lot of free money during your online casino game play sessions. The main bonus is the Welcome Bonus and thereafter you receive special promotions and other bonuses.

The variety you get in online casino slots is amazing. They come in various reels and paylines. Slots can be classified according to the reel types. There are 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, more than 5 reel slots. With these reel variations you also get them with different paylines. So for example you can play a 3 reel slot with 1 payline or with 3 paylines. You can play 5 reel slots with 1 payline or with 9 paylines. There are plenty of variations. Now usually the 5 reel slots are called video slots and these online casino slots are the ones to play. This is because they have special features that the others don’t have. The main features that you will see are the free spins feature and the bonus round game feature. These are triggered by get specific symbols. Other features include symbols that increase your winning amounts. They are called the Scatter symbol and the Wild symbol. The graphic icon representing a Scatter symbol is usually closely related to an aspect of the slot game theme. For example, a game with a magical theme could have a wizard as its Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is a special feature because it is used to replace any other symbol on the reels to get you a winning combination. So the best online casino slot games to play are the video slots with these special features. The other slot games that you should play are the progressive jackpot slots because you can win a fortune on them. Some players have been lucky enough to win millions on them. So if you are looking for a big payout, then slots with big jackpots on them are the games for you to play.

So what are the best online casinos to sign up at to play the best slot games? All online casinos offer online casino slots. It’s their main game type. Below we have reviewed two online casinos that we at Online Slots City regard as the best for slot games. Slots Jungle Casino welcomes all players, including those from the USA; where as Casino Las Vegas does not accept USA players. These online casinos are licensed and very safe to play at. They have great customer support and use the best online casino software. Find out more below.

Slots Jungle Casino
Slots Jungle Casino Slots Jungle Casino is the best online casino for slots players. They have a massive collection of online casino slots. Slots Jungle Casino is highly reputed and licensed. Various kinds of bonuses are offered to you and some even before you begin to play in the form of the Welcome Bonus. Slots Jungle Casino releases new slot games every month so you will never get bored. Slots Jungle Casino uses the renowned RealTime Gaming software which is regularly tested for fairness and quality. Some of the top games you can play at Slots Jungle Casino include Aztecs Millions slot and Jackpot Piñatas slot, which pay off in millions of dollars.

Casino Las Vegas
Casino Las Vegas Casino Las Vegas is the other highly recommended online casino for slot players. Casino Las Vegas does not accept USA players. Casino Las Vegas has an incredible collection of online casino slots with great graphics, animation and audio. Casino Las Vegas uses the impressive Playtech casino software which creates amazing games and makes sure you have smooth game play. All new players receive a Welcome Bonus as well as other bonuses and promotions that get offered on a regular basis. Some of the best online casino slot games include Gold Rally slot (a millionaire-maker progressive jackpot slot game) and the Hollywood movie themed Rocky slot.

We at Online Slots City hope you have found this online casino slots guide useful and helpful.

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